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Accurate case plans for dental implant treatment.

C-Dental provides ConeBeam CT scans for implant placement. Our standard implant survey includes prepared cross sectional images of the area of interest and panoramic images extracted from the full arch scan. These images are to scale with a measurement scale printed on the images and include indication lines for the IAN.

Surgical Guide Treatment Planning

As a referring doctor of C-Dental you also have access to a free 1 year subscription to the In2Guide software with no initial fee.


In2Guide requires an annual $250 maintenance fee that is assessed one year after the install date. You only pay if you want to continue using the software for another year.


The software allows you to virtually plan implant surgeries using iTero 3D digital impressions merged to CBCT scans, and order surgical guides. This software allows you to accurately evaluate the implant site making linear measurements, volumetric measurements, and bone density measurements – all while having complete 3-dimensional control of your cross-sectional view of the CBCT.


We will provide hour long virtual treatment planning assistance meetings over the phone and internet at no additional charge, for as long as necessary and as frequent as they are beneficial to you.

The Benefits of Treatment Planning

  • Accurate, safe and predictable surgery

  • Shorter operation time

  • Shorter healing time with flapless surgery

  • Smaller incisions with less bleeding and pain

  • Immediate loading options

  • Aesthetically driven implant planning

The Benefits of Outsourcing

  • We're specialists for image capture

  • Local and convenient hours for patients

  • Maximize chair time for your dental practice

  • Fast and efficient service

  • Excellent quality images, surveys and reports

Guided Implant Surgery Process
CBCT Imaging
IOS Imaging
Digital Treatment Planning
Surgical Guide
CBCT & IOS Alignment

iTero derived wax-up is merged with CBCT.

CBCT & 3D intraoral scan are performed on patient.

Online treatment planning assistance and implant placement.

Surgical guide is fabricated.

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