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All of our imaging centers are equipped with the latest CBCT NewTom machines. C-Dental offers focused, small and large view CBCT scans with a simple and affordable pricing structure. The NewTom CBCT machines are the only machines with SafeBeam™ technology, which adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s size. 

15x29 scan only available in SF Downtown and Menlo Park.

CBCT Field Of View

Every CBCT scan is post processed by our highly trained staff. They are experts in CBCT image capture, data management, image formation, and 3D post-processing techniques. Our image surveys support all dental modalities with the best diagnostic image surveys for any CBCT machine.


The CBCT, characterized by cone-beam X-rays, allows very detailed images of bone tissues to be obtained in a very short time. These images can be used in various fields such as implantology and maxillofacial surgery.

To protect the patient’s health, for several years the NewTom devices have already provided the use of SafeBeam™ technology, which adapts the radiation emitted to the type of patient, avoiding the risk of overexposure.

Newtom VGi

Newtom Evo

Newtom Go

Newtom 5G

CBCT Newtom Evo
2D Newtom Go Panoramic
CBCT Newtom 5G Supine

3D CBCT Scanners with SafeBeam™ Technology

for All Dental Modalities

2D/3D Ceph Integrated Imaging

Supine Surveys

for Airway & TMJ

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