We are dedicated to providing dentists a cost effective outsourcing solution for high-quality

diagnostic imaging.

Our Story

Offering over 80 years of dental imaging expertise, C-Dental X-Ray provides the San Francisco Bay Area & San Diego County (McCormack Dental Imaging) with advanced dental imaging services. C-Dental is committed to acquiring and implementing technology that meets the diagnostic expectations of dentists and the highest quality and safety standards in the field. 

Employees at our 14 imaging centers are committed to referral and patient relations, radiation protection and safety, data formatting precision, and diagnostic image quality. Dedication to patient radiation safety and diagnostic quality is the basis for C-Dental’s technological innovations and the care given to training our employees.

Our Owner
Jerome N. Peck D.L.X.T | CEO & President

Jerome received his radiographic training at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry from 1972-1974. He was certified as a dental laboratory X-ray technician (DLXT) in 1976 by UC Berkeley. As a pioneer in the use of CBCT and 3D case planning software, Mr. Peck is often sought out to offer expert advice on the use of 3D imaging for implant case planning and guided surgery. He lectures nationally and internationally on airway analysis, radiation dosage and the application of CBCT and intraoral 3D scanning for implant case planning and guided surgery - from patient diagnosis to final prosthesis. Learn more about scheduling a Study Group session with Jerry.

Mission Statement

C-Dental is:

  • Dedicated to providing dentists with a cost effective outsourcing option for low radiation dental imaging services.

  • Committed to the ALARA principle, ensuring that each patient receives a radiation dosage As Low As is Reasonably Achievable.

  • Invested in the safest and most diagnostic imaging equipment and dental softwares available.

  • Supportive of dental practices by providing imaging service consultation, free software and image management solutions.

Why Doctors Choose Us


C-Dental has 9 Bay Area imaging centers open Monday-Friday with 2 locations open on Saturdays. Mobile CBCT services are available for patients unable to visit our office locations. MDI has 5 San Diego County imaging centers open Monday-Friday with one Mobile CBCT van.


C-Dental employs Dental X-Ray Technicians certified by the State of California to perform dental radiography without the supervision of a dentist. This certification takes 2 years to complete and requires each student to perform over 500 individual dental imaging procedures. C-Dental is a registered CA Dental Board Continuing Education provider, and ensures that employees stay current on the most cutting edge developments in dental imaging. All C-Dental locations currently have managers with 10+ years experience as Dental X-Ray Technicians.

Learn more about scheduling a "Lunch & Learn" session with one of our technicians.


C-Dental uses the lowest dose imaging equipment available. Our 3D CBCT scanner is the only machine available with the patented SafeBeam™ technology. Each patient’s biological density is measured by the machine and radiation levels are adjusted by the computer to be as low as possible. C-Dental maintains a Radiation Protection Program that is audited annually to ensure patient safety. Learn more about radiation dosimetry here.


Custom surveys are available for all referring doctors. C-Dental offers surveys for all dental modalities. Technicians are trained to provide the most diagnostic information that can be extracted from each imaging procedure. Records are available in hard-copy or by download from a HIPAA compliant cloud server.


Referring doctors utilize C-Dental services to reduce the in-house cost to their practice of dental imaging. Doctors value C-Dental as an outsourcing option because of the commitment to implementing new and diagnostically useful technologies.


C-Dental is committed to an overall pleasurable and convenient experience for patients. Technicians ensure that each patient receives the minimal radiation dose as set by the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). Patients are asked to pay at the time of service, but our experienced Office Coordinators will complete all insurance paperwork for a possible reimbursement, with information provided by the patient. Doctors may also request to be billed for services.

Our Technology

C-Dental is committed to implementing the best equipment available. Since adding our first CBCT machines in 2001 we are now using our 5th generation machine. Our Menlo Park office is the first location to feature the NewTom 5G. This machine specializes in supine sleep studies in addition to all of our 3D imaging surveys.

Strategic Partners


Building workflows between dentist, imaging center and dental lab.



Data processing, cloud integrations, treatment planning software development and testing.