A Full Mouth X-Ray series extracted from a CBCT scan

Filmless 3D FMX

Survey Details

  • 1:1 image - no magnification or distortion

  • Guaranteed open contact points

  • No cone cuts and no elongation

  • Minimal shadowing effects from restorations or root canals

  • 15 second scan time

  • Short appointment time - 20 minutes

  • Less invasive than a traditional FMX

CBCT FMX Dose 75 - 160 uSv*    |    Traditional  FMX Dose 172 uSv
Full Mouth Series
Adult HiRes FMX
Adult HiRes FMX

3D Full Mouth X-Ray

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U&L Panorex Page
U&L Panorex Page

Upper & Lower Panorex

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PX+BW Adult HiRes
PX+BW Adult HiRes

Panorex & Bitewings

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Adult HiRes FMX
Adult HiRes FMX

3D Full Mouth X-Ray

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A discounted fee is available if added to another CBCT survey. This is a paperless survey - DVD and permanent cloud storage included.

Images Included
3D FMX, 3D Panorex & Bitewings

8x8 Standard Scan on Child

Dose: 61 μSv 

FMX Standard 8x8 (1)
PX+BW Standard 8x8 (1)
U&L Panorex Page standard 8x8 (1)

8x8 Boost Scan on Child

Dose: 91 μSv 

FMX 8x8 Boost Child (1)
PX+BW Boost
U&L Panorex Page

12x8 Boost Scan on Child

Dose: 101 μSv 

FMX 12x8 Boost Child (1)
px+bw 12X8 Boost child
Panorex Page Boost child 12x8

12x8 Hi-Res Scan on Child

Dose: 220 μSv 

FMX Child HiRes
U&L Panorex Page (1)

12x8 Hi-Res Scan on Large Adult

Dose: 211 μSv | No TMJ on Panograph.

FMX Adult Alternate
U&L Pano Page Alternate

*Dose range based on patient size, field of view and resolution.