3D CBCT Imaging

C-Dental offers focused, small and large view CBCT scans with a simple and affordable pricing structure. Our NewTom VGi CBCT is the only machine with SafeBeam™ technology, which adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s size. 

Focus View

6x6 cm | 1-3 adjacent teeth

Implants | Endodontics | 3rd Molars | Impactions

The Focused View reduces the dimension of the scan, providing high resolution images for diagnosis in all pathologies where it is necessary to identify small details at high definition. Survey includes 1-3 adjacent teeth and in some cases 4-5 depending on each patient’s size and anatomy.

Small View 

12x8 cm or 8x8 cm | One or Both Arches

Implants | Oral Surgery | Periodontics | 3D FMX

Only the Small View produces both the quality and the quantity of details necessary to accurately diagnose the maxilla and mandible for implant assessment, trauma impactions, and lesions.

Large View

12x15 cm or 15x15 cm | Both Arches

Airway/OSA | Impactions | Orthodontics | TMJ  Orthognathic Surgery | Oral Surgery

The Large View includes the frontal sinus to below the hyoid bone. This view has slightly lower resolution than the Hi-Res View and optimizes the effect of the SmartBeam technology reducing radiation dose significantly compared to other CBCT machines.

The Technology

Newtom VGi CBCT Scanner

  • Safe Beam™ Technology (reduces radiation based on patient size)

  • Medical grade tube head and rotating anode

  • Scan time: 18 seconds

  • X-ray time: 2.3 to 5.2 seconds

NewTom 5G

We offer NewTom 5G CBCT Scans

in our Menlo Park office.

Supine Surveys

for Airway and TMJ