3D Viewer Software

NNT Viewer 

Free CD or Download

The NNT Viewer software is available on CD or by download from BOX.com. This software allows you to review your C-Dental CBCT survey processed by one of our technicians. The software provides a Multi-Plane Reconstruction (MPR) providing coronal, sagital, and axial views with a 3D rendering of your patient's anatomy.


OnDemand3D Project Viewer 

Free CD or Download  |  Cloud Based Desktop Software $500

The Ondemand3D Project Viewer is the most advanced and user friendly 3D DICOM viewer we have ever used. At C-Dental, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best imaging technology available. This software allows users to review dynamic 3D renderings and post-processed surveys from our technicians. These surveys meet the specific diagnostic needs of Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Implant Providers, TMJ Specialists, Endodntists, Peridontists, or Prosthodontists.



The OnDemand3D viewer can be delivered to you on a CD or by download from Box.com. You may purchase a $500 license from OnDemand3D to install a desktop version of the software on one or all of your computer stations in your office. We guarantee server based delivery in 15 minutes for endodontic evaluation and 24 hours for all other surveys.


Free 30 day trials of the Ondemand3D Project Viewer desktop software are available by request. Contact info@cdental.com for more information.

In2Guide Planner 

Free for 1st year then $250/year

As a referring doctor of C-Dental you also have access to a free 1 year subscription to the In2Guide software with no initial fee.


In2Guide requires an annual $250 maintenance fee that is assessed one year after the install date. You only pay if you want to continue using the software for another year.

The software allows you to virtually plan implant surgeries using iTero 3D digital impressions merged to CBCT scans, and order surgical guides. This software allows you to accurately evaluate the implant site making linear measurements, volumetric measurements, and bone density measurements – all while having complete 3-dimensional control of your cross-sectional view of the CBCT. Our CEO Jerry Peck will provide hour long treatment planning assistance meetings over the phone and internet at no additional charge, for as long as necessary and as frequent as they are beneficial to you.

Visit our Guided Surgery page for more info.

Dolphin Viewer 

Free Download

Taken from the dolphin website - Click Here to Download 


The Dolphin Viewer is a free, and freely-distributable, stand-alone Dolphin patient viewing program. While it can be installed on a computer that has Dolphin installed, it is designed primarily to be installed on a computer that does not have Dolphin software installed, such as specialists who do not own any Dolphin products.


This viewer is a much smaller and simpler program than Dolphin Imaging. It does not require Microsoft SQL server. It does not maintain a patient list. It simply allows the user to open a Dolphin patient archive file pair (.DAZ / .ZIP) from a paying Dolphin customer, and view the data contained in that patient record. This utility allows viewing patient images, tracings, measurement tables, 3D data, movies, etc.

Once installed on your computer you will be able to access archived 2D Orthodontics and 3D Orthognathic Planning records. Contact info@cdental.com for more information.


Free Download

OrthoCad by Align Technology provides a gallery view of your patient's intraoral scan with an orthodontic analysis toolkit that includes ABO diagnostics and occlussal contact point grids.


OrthoCad files are delivered by Box.com download.


Download the OrthoCad software for free.